Cancellation of Booking

Truffle Booking Terms and Conditions:

Truffle’s Booking Terms and Conditions in full can be found using this link.

The terms relevant to a cancellation of a booking are:


“The Deposit is non-refundable in the event of Your Cancellation or failure to pay on time as set out in these terms and conditions.”

Balance payment:

“The balance of the cost of Your Booking and the Security Deposit will automatically be payable 12 weeks prior to arrival (or at the time of booking if this date has passed).”

Cancellation of Booking:

“Should You need to cancel Your Booking, You must advise Us in writing by emailing us at Your notice of cancellation will only be effective when it is acknowledged by Us by email. Verbal cancellation will not be accepted. Your Deposit is non-refundable in the event of Your Cancellation.
Please Note that these cancellation charges apply if You have failed to make payment on time and We cancel Your Booking as a result. In addition, Your Booking will be treated as cancelled and the same cancellation charges will apply if You decide to change Your accommodation from one property to another.

The scale of cancellation charges payable by You are as follows:
More than 70 days: Deposit only
69 to 45 days: 50% of the total booking value
44 to 30 days: 80% of the total booking value
29 days or less: 100% of the total booking value

In the event that We are able to secure an alternative booking for the same apartment or villa and for the same period of time as Your booking, We will refund You the cancellation charges less the Deposit. Any refund that is subject to bank charges or transfer charges will be paid by You.

If You do not arrive at all, We will charge You the remaining amount for the booking, payable forthwith.

If the reason for cancellation falls within the terms of your holiday insurance, You should make a claim direct to the insurance company concerned for the recovery of Our cancellation charges.”

Cancellation of a Booking due to Covid-19:

Truffle will operate the following policy in 2022, the same as it did during 2020 and 2021:

If either the UK or Turkish governments advise not to travel to Turkey, and because of this, airlines cancel all flights to and from Turkey, Truffle will first seek to move the booking to new future dates, subject to accommodation availability and payment of any difference in the rental rate. If this is not possible, Truffle will fully refund any Deposit paid and, if relevant, any other monies paid to Truffle.

Truffle will always be willing, subject to accommodation availability, to move a booking to alternative future dates, and to carry over any Deposits and balance monies paid, to a new booking.

However, other situations can arise due to other factors and the personal circumstances of guests. Factors affecting this could include; Is travel permitted by either the UK or Turkish governments? Are airlines operating flights to and from Turkey (Dalaman or Antalya)? Are there conditions or regulations (e.g. vaccination or quarantine) on flying between the UK and Turkey?

Truffle sets out below its policy for these situations, although it may not cover all possible scenarios:

  1. Guests who wish to cancel before knowing if their outward and return flights will operate – Truffle’s Booking Terms and Conditions will fully apply;
  2. Airlines consolidate flights and particular booked flights are cancelled – Guests should change their booked flights as travel is still allowed and possible. If guests still wish to cancel their booked accommodation, Truffle’s Booking Terms and Conditions will fully apply;
  3. Having a full vaccination (either by a permitted single dose or a combined first and second dose) is required before travel. It is the responsibility of all relevant guests (over 12 years) to comply with this. If a booking cancellation is requested because one or more guests can not comply, Truffle’s Booking Terms and Conditions will fully apply
  4. The mandatory requirement to quarantine In Turkey on arrival, in a place that is not the booked accommodation, is an acceptable reason to cancel with a full refund payable. If there is a requirement to quarantine in the UK on return, cancellation of a booking will be subject to Truffle’s Booking Terms and Conditions which will fully apply.

Government regulations are continuously reviewed and can change. Truffle’s Covid-19 Cancellation policy will be subject to amendment as the need arises or as circumstances change.